Latin III

B or higher in Latin II
Course Notes
There will be a diagnostic test upon entry testing your proficiency in the language.
Curriculum Developers
Latin III is a third-level course, it is a cornerstone to preparing students for the Latin Vergil AP, however, it can be done independently without moving on to take Latin Vergil AP. In this course, students will review grammar at the beginning and again at the end of Latin III, so that a student will have most of the basic knowledge needed to complete an SAT Latin subject test. This will focus heavily on reading from ancient texts such as Vergil's Aeneid as well as translating challenging Latin stories. Roman & Greek culture will be explored extensively as well. This is designed to be based on the NLE Latin III standard and extensive knowledge of Latin is required to take this course.
Completion Time (Weeks) (Approx.)
20 weeks