Instruction Team

Aidan Meyers
Florida, United States
Hello, my name is Aidan, and I am a rising sophomore in high school. I have taken honors and AP Biology, receiving high A's in both classes. I have also participated in Biomedical research, getting 1st place and best of show in the region last year and 2nd place in the state. Currently, I am researching novel immunotherapeutics to treat Lung Cancer. I enjoy learning about and teaching Biology, and I can't wait to share my passion for Biology with you!
Andy Phung
California, United States
Hey there! I'm Andy, a high school student from the Bay Area passionate about computer science and the next frontiers of computing. I've conducted multiple deep learning-centered research projects and interned at a machine learning startup. Looking forward to teaching you all!
Anna Chen
Tennessee, United States
Hey, I am Anna Chen, a senior at Hume Fogg High School. I have been exposed to classical music from a young age and have been playing for eleven years. At Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music, I have completed two classes of music history as well as the entire curriculum of written Music Theory. I also took AP Calculus BC at my high school and received a 5 on the exam.
Areeb Alam
United States
I have taken AP Macroeconomics in school and have done well on the course and exam. I have been a peer tutor for the class for 3 years, and TA for the class, where I often teach. I also participate in my state economic challenge and have gotten 2nd or 3rd for the past 3 years.
Aris Wertin
Colorado, United States
Hello! My name is Aris Wertin, a civics enthusiast who is passionate about government and politics. As a scholar of the social sciences and education, I am here for you and your education, whatever you may need. I teach several courses about the United States and Comparative Government, including the AP versions of both.
Aryaman Shrivastava
Hi! I'm Aryaman Shrivastava and I'm a Junior in High School. Ever since I was in 8th grade, I've had a passion towards programming and the many things related to it. I started off learning very basic programming languages during school such as HTML, but then I slowly started learning more complex languages such as Python, which set me the right foundations needed for programming. I will be teaching the Python 2 course which goes over various topics such as GUI development. I'm looking forward to teaching you guys!
Bruno Cordova
Greenwich, CT
Your journey throughout AP Calculus BC will be guided by many instructors, including me! You will love this course and I will be there for you every step of the way. Never hesitate to reach out!
Christina Law
Bear, DE
I am a sophomore from Delaware who hopes to pursue CS or anything STEAM-related in the future. I currently teach Discrete Math at Beyond the Five. Last year, I took Discrete Math at BT5. In my free time I enjoy drawing, baking, and watching Youtube videos.
Claire Gao
GTA, Canada
Claire Gao is a high school junior currently living in Canada. She has 6+ years of French experience and is able to communicate with French natives with confidence. In the past, Claire has taught numerous classes at her elementary school and is excited to be teaching the French I & II courses. She is an aspiring educator and works well with students and her colleagues.
Daniel Gormezano
Nashville, TN
Hello, my name is Daniel Gormezano, and I am an instructor for AP Psychology, AP U.S. History, EKG Tech, and Honors History IV: 476-800. Throughout my high school education, I have been fortunate enough to have excellent social sciences and history teachers that have made learning the subjects enthralling. They made me want to pass on the abundant knowledge they have gifted me onto other students, encouraging me to create these courses for Beyond the Five. I either have personally taken all of these courses or are knowledgeable in the subject areas.
Dong Huynh
Orlando, Florida
Hi! I took Computer Science A and Principles and got a 5 on both on the AP Exam. I can explain many concepts at will and give you an in-depth comprehension on the course material. I am regularly available every day. I have always loved computers at a young age, writing programs and creating apps were always fun. I believe that learning should be fun and a great experience for all students alike. I am serious about teaching this course and will try to help you think like a programmer. I hope you have a fun time in this class!
Ellen Moth
Nashville, TN
Hello, everyone! I'm a junior on the teaching teams for AP European History and Music History. This past year I took Euro and scored a 5 on the AP exam, but besides that, modern history has always been my passion- specifically how it impacted those living through critical events (such as the industrial revolution or world wars), and how we're effected today! As for music history, I've played pieces from the entirety of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier to Ravel's La Valse. Having a background on the eras of compositions is critical to playing them accurately, which this course should help you do! Feel free to contact me whenever with any questions!
Emini Offutt
Nashville, TN
Salve! My name is Emini Offutt, and I am a current high school senior who resides in Nashville, TN. I am a Data Enthusiast who has a contagious passion for mathematics and computer science. I have competed in several Kaggle competitions, tackled several data science projects, and enhanced my skill in Machine Learning. I aspire to enroll in a top Computer Science Graduate Program, and to become a Machine Learning Engineer. I also enjoy Roman Literature, in which I study the various personalities of the Roman authors I read in Latin. As a member of the Tennessee Junior Classical League (TJCL), I have won several awards in Regional and State Latin Competitions, and have been ranked top 5 in the state for Latin Literature (Currently #3).
Gabe Gormezano
Jupiter, Florida
Hi! My name is Gabe, and I am the founder of Beyond the Five, as well as instructor for Poker Theory I, College Applications I, Abstract Math, Complex Analysis, and Applied Complex Analysis I. I am a freshman at Johns Hopkins University in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, with a potential double major of Material Science and Engineering (MSE). Throughout my schooling, I have had an aptitude and drive for Mathematics that was unmatched in any other subject area. My passion is teaching, so I am honored and glad to be able to (hopefully) make my students passionate about the subject!
Gil Angela Dela Cruz
Ontario, Canada
The course I will be teaching at BT5 involve musculoskeletal and internal anatomy. I have experience taking these courses and have been an undergraduate teaching assistant for these courses as well. I have experience leading study groups and explaining location and functions of structures in the human body to students and to peers.
Grant Lai
California, United States
Hi! My name is Grant. I have taken an assortment of biology classes and exams and have done scored high marks on all of them. I am also a two time semifinalist for USABO. I find great joy in guiding and explaining concepts to others, and hope that everyone will find the same joy and understanding of the biology they learn.
Hadi Chaudhri
United States
Hi, I am teaching AP Computer Science Principles, Web Develpoment, and AP Calculus AB with Beyond the Five. I will have completed both the AP Computer Science Principles and Calculus AB exams by the end of May 2020. I am top of my class in both of these subjects, and am told by teachers that I regularly provide useful insights into the mechanics which drive both courses. I hope to translate my knowledge and skills here to provide a quality education to those enrolled in my classes!
Harsh Patel
Brampton, Ontario
Hey everyone! My name is Harsh and I am a freshman at university studying medical science. To keep in touch with my love for calculus, I will be teaching AP Calculus AB! I have been a tutor for students in the GTA for 3 years now teaching math and science, and I got a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam. I love teaching calculus because I crave for the jaw-dropping "awe" moment in every student when they finally start to understand a topic. In my spare time I love to read books, watch TV shows and spend time with friends and family. I look forward to teaching some of you! GO CALCULUS!
Jay Yu
Texas, United States
Hi, my name is Jay and I'll be one of your Microbiology course instructors. I'm a high school student and I'm excited to help you learn more about Microbiology and biology in general. I'm also a USABO semifinalist, and I've taken Biology, Biology Lab, Microbiology and Microbiology Lab before at a university and gotten an A in them. I hope that everyone will be able to expand their knowledge and understanding of biology and derive great joy from learning!
Jordanne Stewart
Florida, United States
Hi! I am junior in high school and one of the AP Environmental Science (APES) teachers. I have taken this course myself during my freshman year and scored a 5, so I know what is required to achieve the top score. It was my first AP Course, so I can relate to the struggles or anxieties you may have. I know that each student is unique and may need different ways of learning, and I want to help each student reach their goal in APES. For me, APES continues to have an impact on my life and I hope I can instill that same interest in others. I've become more knowledgeable about the world and become a better global citizen.
Lila Iwanowski
Florida, United States
Hello, my name is Lila Iwanowski, and I am a rising sophomore in high school. I took AP Human Geography during the 2019-2020 school year and earned A's throughout the course, as well as taking the AP exam. I also have a passion for teaching others and can not wait to share my knowledge of this beautiful subject with all of your brilliant minds.
Max C
Hello! My name is Max and I have a huge interest in humanities, understanding what humanities can tell us about the way that other people live their lives and also using humanities to understand modern society! I teach the “World Religions and Beliefs” course since I have a huge interest in understand how religion can impact modern society and also the origins of religion; why did people turn to religion? If you want to check out the course, please do! The course should be able to give you an introduction to World Religions or develop your understanding on this topic. The course will also develop your understanding in other areas of humanities, due to the direct link that many “World Religions and Beliefs” topics have with other humanities subjects! Come join me on a quest to learn! Zest to learn and understand.
Mia Shapoval
Marblehead, Massachusetts
Hi! My name is Mia, and I'm a junior in high school. I'm very passionate about computer science, and have up to 6 years of programming experience in the following languages: Java, JavaScript with HTML and CSS, Python, Lua, and C++. I am always open to meeting with students, and feel free to reach out to me any time!
Michael Anthony
New York, United States
I am a Chemistry enthusiast that is looking to spread knowledge regarding Biology and Chemistry. I took AP Chemistry last year and received a 5 on the AP Exam. I am looking forward to taking Organic Chemistry and Cell Biology in the near future. I think of my class as the fun class, so I hope I can spark an interest in Chemistry for someone!
Michael Farquharson
Hi! My name is Michael Farquharson, and I’m a rising high school senior. I am an instructor in AP US History and SAT preparation. I’ve scored a 5 on the AP US History exam, won an award for excellence in American history, and plan on majoring in history in college. My highest composite SAT score is a 1590 and my superscore is a 1600. I chose to teach these two courses since I have noticed the immense stress that these particular exams have caused among my peers; I hope to ease this stress and help everyone succeed. I’m very excited to get to work with my students and share my knowledge.
Nicole Hirschkorn
New York, United States
Hey everyone, I'm Nicole! I will be creating and teaching the Hebrew Language course at Beyond The Five! I've been taking Hebrew for over 9 years, and I love the language! I love to teach, and I hope you'll accompany me on your learning journey. I also enjoy baking and long walks outside. See you guys in the fall!
Ryan Paillet
California, United States
Hello there! I am a third-year high school student who has a passion for tutoring students in many subjects. I will be instructing students in the beginner and intermediate language of Latin. I am now going into my fourth year of this language as well as my third year for getting summa cum laude on the NLE exam. I have been a member of the CAJCL since middle school and have participated in SCRAM for four years now! My understanding of the classical language is thorough and I can provide support to anyone who has questions. Feel free to contact me anytime and remember, ad astra per aspera!
Sarah Jacks
Illinois, United States
Hi, I'm a sophomore in college pursuing the study of life. I'll be teaching general microbiology and epidemiology at Beyond The Five. Excited to learn and work alongside you! I dedicated my time during high school and college to either prepare others for the event, Disease Detectives in Science Olympiad, or tutor online. My goal is to help however I can, while sharing what I love. I look forward to showing you a piece of my world and learning a bit about yours!
Sophia Risin
Palm Beach, FL
Hi! My name is Sophia and I'm currently attending an online high school. I am excited to be teaching AP physics 1 and Exoplanets and Extraterrestrial Life. I haven't taken the official AP physics 1 class but I took an Honors Physics class that followed the same curriculum. I am currently involved in an exoplanet research project and spent 3.5 weeks at a summer astrophysics intensive so I am extremely excited to be teaching the Exoplanet and Extraterrestrial Life course.
Steven Liu
Hockessin, Delaware
Hello! My name is Steven and I am a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Major at JHU from Delaware. Although I am an engineer, I am fascinated by the field of chemistry, especially organic! On my own time, I have read two organic chemistry books (McMurry and Klein), and am currently working on my third (Clayden). I also achieved an A in organic chemistry I at the University of Delaware, and am currently taking organic chemistry II there as well. It is an honor to be teaching organic chemistry I, as I will be reviewing and reinforcing my own knowledge through helping you, the student, learn. I look forward to working with you all!
Timothy Ambrosio
Florida, United States
I've taken AICE Psychology and frequently passed in-class tests/quizzes and was one of the few in my cohort to pass the end of the year exam. I've gotten an A in both semesters along with the midterm and final exams. With my thorough efforts in the class and to the material, I am now enabled to teach AP Psychology and rigorously help in preparing my classes for the AP exam.. Moreover, I've done AICE English, General Paper and Global Perspectives Research, I've passed all semesters, midterm/final exams and the end of the year exams! In all three classes I was tasked with academic writing, research and interpretation of various texts. I am fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to teach ENC 1102. I see teaching as an art and craft to which I am honored to do and shall remain faithful to it. I am excited to teach these classes and meet the unique, wonderful students that I will and it is for these reasons that I will always maintain high-standards and a continual drive for the utmost quality.